ShadeTec Model Specifications & Dimensions

Please refer to the following for dimensions:

  • 3x3m 
  • 3x4m
  • 4x4m
  • 5.67x3m
  • 5.67x4m

Available both free-standing and wall-mounted on either side.

For more accurate measurements, please click HERE 


 Materials AkzoNobel Powder coated 6063-T6 aviation grade aluminium
 Post Dimensions 120x120x1.8mm
Motorisation Yes
LED Lights Yes
Charcoal grey and white
Remote control
Power Supply
Plug into 220V outlet (no hardwiring required)
Wind Resistance
Double blade 100° louvres
Generally speaking as the structure is under 30sqm you would not need consent. However, please contact a professional/council to ensure you meet all regulations for a semi-permanent structure.

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