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ShadeTec Lite Series

ShadeTec Lite Series

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  • Unique Rubber Seal System: All louvre blades feature a rubber seal for enhanced waterproofing
  • Robust Aluminium Structure: With thick 120*120*2mm posts, ShadeTec Lite both looks and feels robust.
  • Durable Internal Guttering: Ensure effective water management with our unique PVC down-pipe system deep internal guttering.
  • Weather Resilience: Designed and built to be tough against the harsh New Zealand climate.
  • Manual Precision: Take control with a manually operated system, allowing you to adjust the louvres at your convenience.
  • Interlocking Louvre Blades: Deep interlocking louvre blades allow for a watertight roof with effective water disbursement.
  • Corrosion Resistance: Powder-coated aluminium ensures corrosion resistance, maintaining the pergola's pristine appearance over time.

Specifications & Dimensions

 - Post Dimensions: 120x120x2mm

- Beam Dimensions: 152x62x1.4mm

- Louvre Dimensions: 126x38x1.2mm

- Powder-coated 6063-T5 Aluminium

- 2300mm overall height

- 2150mm internal height

Size Dimensions
2x2m 1980x1980mm - 4 posts
2x3m 1980x2904mm - 4 posts
2x4m 1980x3944mm - 4 posts
3x3m 2904x2904mm - 4 posts
3x4m 2904x3944mm - 4 posts
3x5m 2904x4988mm - 6 posts
3x5.7m 2904x5688mm - 6 posts
3x7m 2904x6815mm - 6 posts
3x8m 2904x7768mm - 8 posts
4x4m 3944x3944mm - 4 posts
4x5m 3944x4988mm - 6 posts
4x5.7 3944x5688mm - 6 posts
4x7m 3944x6815mm - 8 posts
4x8m 3944x7768mm - 8 posts


Wall-mounted sizes mount to the wall along the longer length to view all wall-mounted dimensions, Click Here.

Installation & Warranty

We warrant the louvre system for 3 years.

Please refer to the warranty policy for more information.


Installation is a 2-3 man job which any keen DIYer could complete. We provide many installation resources which cover the installation.

Please refer to installation help for more information.


DISCLAIMER: We are not liable to ensure all local standards and regulations have been met. If unsure, please consult a professional.


Pickup is from our warehouse in Albany, Auckland.

Delivery timeframes:

All orders are expected to be delivered within 2-10 business days from the date of shipment.

Preorder now with delivery in September. Take advantage of our early bird deals!

Introducing the ShadeTec Lite Series – an unparalleled blend of affordability and quality designed to elevate your outdoor living experience effortlessly.

This louvre system seamlessly integrates into your environment, providing an aesthetic charm that endures through all weather conditions. Whether it's rain, hail, or shine, our louvred systems are ready for anything, offering you a four-season sanctuary.

Elevate your outdoor lifestyle with ShadeTec Lite – where affordability meets excellence, transforming your space into a haven of style and comfort.

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Sturdy & Strong Structure

We made sure there were no compromises on quality. That's why we've kept thick posts and beams on all ShadeTec Lite models.

Unique Rubber Seal System

To keep you dry on those wet days and enhance waterproofing, a rubber seal is featured on all louvre blades.

Effective Water Disbursement

Once water enters the channels between louvre blades, this flows into the internal guttering system which disburses water through each PVC downpipe.

Looking for something more robust?

Check out our ShadeTec series.

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