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ShadeTec Adjustable Shutters

ShadeTec Adjustable Shutters

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Elevate your ShadeTec experience with our premium adjustable shutters, exclusively from Louvre Lounge.

Open them up on a hot day or close them off so your neighbours can't peek through!

Designed as the perfect add-on, these shutters not only enhance shade control but also offer an added layer of privacy. Enjoy the ideal blend of comfort and seclusion, all while basking in the beauty of your outdoor space.


At Louvre Lounge, we only craft our products to the highest standards.

Our fixed shutters are manufactured using high-grade 6063 T6 aluminium.


Our shutters have been designed so that they are compatible with all of our pergola sizes to simply slot in between the posts of the pergola.

Please select the size blind which would fit along the side of the pergola you are interested in enclosing.

For help, please contact us.

Installation & Warranty

Each set of shutters simply installs between the posts of the pergola structure.

We warrant our blinds for 2 years from date of delivery/pickup

Help Selecting Sizes

The blind sizes are outlined as per the model below:

3x3m - 3m blinds on all 4 sides.

3x4m - 3m blinds on x2 3m sides and 4m blinds on x2 4m sides.

4x4m - 4m blinds on all 4 sides.

5.67x3m - x2 3m blinds to cover each 5.67m side. x1 3m blind to cover each 3m side.

5.67x4m - x2 3m blinds to cover each 5.67m side. x1 4m blind to cover each 4m side.

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Add to your ShadeTec lounge

Select the size of your dream Louvre Lounge then add blinds and shutters. Not sure which size blinds to add? Contact our friendly team for assistance.